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Pure Murder presents
fully acted murder mystery dinners at leading hotels and other quality venues in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and further affield.

Our Murder Mystery Plots enthrall our dinner audiences. Performed by our Pure Murder actors, the innermost secrets of the characters unfold as the evening proceeds - but someone comes to an untimely end. Suspects abound, but who is the culprit ? 

Pure Murder plots are unique to our company and range from classic murder mysteries like Murder On The Gallops, through special interest shows such as Who Killed The King? to enormously popular tribute performances like Murder At Fawlty Towers where the hosting hotel becomes Torquay's finest for the night!

Deathly Deeds Over Dinner start early in the evening as our guests assemble in the hotel to meet the characters. As dinner progresses at least one horrific homicide is bound to occur. 

The identity of the culprit can be deduced from factual clues strategically placed within the performances. Everyone gets a chance to quiz the suspects, and there are certificates for successful sleuths. .

Our Venues are chosen for their atmosphere, good food and comfortable accommodation.

Pure Murder aim to present the most thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable murder mysteries in Britain!


Pure Murder Private Parties are great for corporate events, birthday parties and, dare we say it - raucus hen parties. 

Rotary and charity fundraisers can be especially successful when built around a murder mystery dinner. We can incorporate fundraising content such as a charity auction or special messages. We have undertaken several performances for Help For Heroes.

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Murder At
Fawlty Towers

'Allo 'Allo
Murder At The 
Cafe Artois

James Bond
Is Back

Murder on 
The Gallops



Murder In
The Bunker

The Midwynter
Christmas Murders

The Cast 
Reunion Murder

Murder At
The Movies

Who Killed
The King ?

In Suburbia

The Rocky Horror
Halloween Murder


Murder At Fawlty Towers

An hilarious murder mystery tribute on Fawlty Towers.

Inevitably there is an horrendous murder in front of your very eyes.

But who would want to commit murder at Torquay's finest hostelry? Well, almost everybody as it happens; Terry the cook, a hotel inspector, Mr O'Riley the Irish builder, Miss Tibbs, surely not. Oh, and 70 million Germans. 

Help us find the real culprit whilst enjoying a real Gourmet Night at a superb hotel.

This hilarious parody entertainment is not endorsed by the BBC and has no commercial association with that corporation.


'Allo 'Allo - Murder At The Cafè Artois

Relax over dinner at the Cafè Artois. As well as the patron René you will meet his wife Edith, mistress Mimi La Bonq and the charming Italian Captain Alberto Bertorelli

The plot is intricately woven around a large German sausage containing 'The Fallen Madonna With The Big Boobies' by Van Klomp.

But the wurst is yet to come. In fact the sausage doesn't arrive at all and there is murder afoot. An everyday story of the German Army, the French Resistance and a cafè owner.

This hilarious parody entertainment is not endorsed by the BBC and has no commercial association with that corporation.



National Security Emergency - James Bond Is Back!

By popular demand James Bond is coming to a hotel near you very soon.
As always with a Bond plot there is sure to be intrigue, love interest and, of course, pure murder.

Help us solve a terrible crime - and thoroughly enjoy the good company of Mr Bond, Miss Moneypenny not to mention Pussy Galore.





Murder In The Bunker

Guests are cordially invited to a Gala Dinner at a golf club near you. The guest of honor is to be the world's most famous, or infamous golfer.

For security reasons we can't reveal the identity of the celebrity guest of honour, but you would be impressed by this animal on the fairway. Mind you, he doesn't mind a bit of rough, and he loves playing away from home.

But tensions mount, and a horrible murder will certainly occur. Help us solve this crime - and win a fabulous prize!











Who Killed The King ?

The audience were expecting a performance by 'The King', but sadly Britain's top Elvis tribute act never actually gets on stage!

Suspicious minds fuel friction amongst the assembled enthusiasts, fans and even a few groupies. Very soon matters get all shook up.

Graceland turns to Heartbreak Hotel when The King 'leaves the building', appropriately found slumped on the john - blood dripping onto the his blue suede shoes.

Our very own M.C. gets down to business and enlist the help of the audience. They must grill the various suspects to find the guilty hound dog and pack him, or her, off to jailhouse rock.



HAIR The Cast Reunion Murder 

The cast of Hair, the 1960s hippie musical, gather for their first reunion – more than thirty years on. However, this is not the cast of the west-end show, but a student production at the Central Region Anglian Polytechnic. 

Characters are all dressed in costume, no not the nude scene, and many audience members are also kitted out for the hippie era.


Murder On The Gallops

Guests arrive for a dinner to celebrate a life-time of achievement by leading race-horse trainer Sir Cecil Smallbore, 

The top table includes Sir Cecil's long suffering wife Lady Cynthia and their ruthlessly ambitious daughter Simone. Also present is former top jockey and ex-jailbird Leicester Hoggett ...... plus a surprise appearance by Sir Cecil's long lost brother Horace.

As our audience assembles they can mingle with the top table glitterati. But the good humour cannot last for long, as one amongst us will soon come to a terrible end.


Murder At The Movies or Carry On Dick

Join us on the set where an hilarious Carry On film is being shot. The parody biopic of infamous highwayman Dick Turpin includes a dictatorial director, scheming starlets, acrimonious actors and talk of a casting couch.

But will it be only the movie that gets shot? Will the leading man be well hung?

During the action a number of players and extras may be called to that great casting director in the sky - no not Rupert Murdoch. 

Battery In The Belfry

What setting could be more harmonious than a Parish Council meeting in the sleepy village of Hogg's Bottom? But proceedings are rudely interrupted by a single discordant chime from the church bell. 

The verger rushes in - a body has been found, battered to death in the church belfry.

Matters become quite ungodly when the victim's identity is revealed, with accusations of all kinds of un-neighbourly behavior. The audience must be called upon to deduce the culprit.

Drama In Crisis

Jealousy, back-stabbing, infidelity and animosity within the local drama club. An everyday story of egotistical folk. But matters get worse, much much worse, when one of the leading players is found done to death in the wings.

A murder mystery ideal for interactive events with volunteers playing the chief characters, plus lots of opportunity to ham it up in support.

In role play format the volunteer characters are thoroughly briefed and pre-rehearsed before the performance.

Skulduggery In Suburbia

Could the stories of wife swapping and swingers' parties in the leafy lanes of the suburban home counties really be true? You are invited to a particularly saucy evening of fun and frollicks.

The good times come juddering to a halt when one of the party-goers is found with his, or her, trousers all too literally down - and stone dead.

The riotous proceedings can take place over an evening, or a week-end in which case two or more randy rakes may perish!

The Rocky Horror Halloween Murder

Ghosties and goolies; a Freudian slip, maybe. But behind the masks lie tales of horror yet untold.

This production is scripted to be ideal for a party atmosphere. Though the plot and clues are carefully defined the action is distinctly ad-hoc.

A great opportunity for everyone to dress up.






The Midwynter Christmas Murder

In the sleepy village of Midwynter Christmas is approaching. All is peace, all is calm.

The locals are preparing for the Christmas dinner of the pantomime society. Father Christmas will be making an appearance - distributing gifts to good boys and girls of all ages.

But animosity and jealousy are not far below the surface. The festivities become a time of murderous malevolence when one or more of our revelers meets an unseasonal fate.

Help us solve this yuletide crime.



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